CBD for sleep

Everyone could use a bit more sleep, wouldn’t you agree? That’s probably how you ended up here. Personally I found myself like most people, tossing and turning night after night. I ended up solving this through some good old fashioned THC use back in the day, roughly around 2008. Well times have changed and its time for me to be a more responsible adult now. Thus comes CBD to help save the day.

Throughout this article I’ll share my personal experience with cbd and the benefits I’ve experienced and millions have experienced as well. First things first though lets talk about the benefits.


CBD for sleep


  • Insomnia prevention
  • Increasing R.E.M sleep
  • Reducing anxiety

Insomnia Prevention - Alright we’ve all been up late at night tossing and turning, thinking about some topic that drives us crazy and end up leaving us with little to no sleep. This is where CBD comes into play for sleep by interacting with receptors in your brain. These interactions create changes in neurotransmitter activity in your brain, hormones, and other cells throughout the brain and body.

Ironically our bodies create its owns cannabinoids through our bodies endocannabinoid system and its receptors. By flooding your body with about 25-100 MG of CBD you can achieve an effect that will reduce insomnia in a matter of about 10-30 minutes. This depends on your bodies chemistry and tolerance level. I recommend starting at 25 MG and going up from there, keeping a journal of your experiences can be extremely beneficial for finding the correct dosage.

Increasing R.E.M Sleep- After you fall asleep it helps when you stay asleep. CBD creates this effect by putting your body into something called R.E.M sleep a kind of sleep that occurs at intervals during the night and is characterized by rapid eye movements. Now this will also create more vivid dreams, so buckle up and enjoy the adventures you’ll be having while you sleep. Improving R.E.M sleep is believed to help with memory and learning which is quite beneficial.

Reducing Anxiety- Social Anxiety is a pain in the ass, let’s be honest. It creates awkward social interactions and can make life quite miserable. CBD is 1 of about 200 cannabinoids found in marijuana, the particular ingredient CBD has been tried and tested and found to be extremely beneficial for sleep.

CBD for sleep


Dosage of CBD for sleep can vary from person to person, as stated before I would recommend starting at 25 MG and go up from there. When it comes to CBD for sleep you’ll find it beneficial to add in some melatonin as well, around 5 mg per serving should do the trick. We recommend Refuel CBD’s sleep product which contains both and is made in a FDA approved facility.


CBD is great for a vast amount of issues, I discovered it for its sleeping benefits. All you have to do is ask around and most people will confirm the belief CBD is great for sleep. Give it a shot for yourself and make sure you are getting you cBD from a reputable source.

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