Alright so we’ve all heard about cbd at this point, and I know you’re wondering is this legal? The short answer is yes, and for good reason. CBD has many benefits and is quite affordable compared to “traditional” western medicine.

 We’re going to go through why cbd is now legal and has been since 2018 and I’ll speculate why it was illegal for such a long period of time. Again when it comes to the speculation part this is just my opinion, but thankfully more so recently people are waking up to the corruption in the medical industry and how its main purpose is not about your health its about profit.

 CBD has been legal since 2018

In 2018 congress introduced the bill H.R 841 to federally legalize hemp cbd supplements. Lets get into why hemp was banned in the first place, one word money. Hemp was seen as a competition to paper products and was made illegal federally in 1937. It became guilty by association because of its relation to the marijuana plant.

is cbd legal

CBD offers competition to the medical industry

Alright now I’m about to go on a educational rant for everyone. CBD is amazing, pure and simple. CBD can offer help with anxiety, pain management, reduce seizure and much more, and get this IT’S NON ADDICTIVE.

Everything the medical industry hates. If they can’t get a piece of the action then why should it be legal? In reality we see this when anything challenges that status quo and starts hurting the pocket books of the rich elite. Sounds crazy right? Take a look around and you’ll see plenty of examples of this happening on a daily basis.

Private companies or corporations lobby your local senators on a yearly basis to get non sensible bills past if it helps their profit margin and sales. Now I’m not anti-government by any means but one look into the benefits of CBD and it’ll make you question why this was ever illegal in the first place, it has no characteristics of your traditional illegal drug and it actually helps people.

But don’t worry the people of the United States finally had enough and now its legal in all 50 states as long as its contains less than .03% THC, which all Refuel CBD products do. Give it a try and see for yourself why CBD is taking big money out of the hands of the corrupt medical industry!

is cbd legal

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