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Magic Shroomies Baja Rainforest Mushroom Gummies

Sale price$39.99

  • 8 Gummies Per Pouch
  • Low Dose: 1 - 2 Gummies : Body High & Giddy
  • Moderate Dose: 3 - 4 Gummies : Sensory Effects And Joy
  • High Dose: 5 - 6 Gummies : Altered Perception
  • Buckle Up: 7 - 8 Gummies : Inner Awakening

Go On a journey with Magic ShRoomies

When most people think of psychedelic mushrooms (AKA magic mushrooms), they only consider mushrooms that contain psilocybin. However, mushrooms that contain Baja Rainforest Mushroom Extract the main active ingredient in our gummy mushrooms can provide some of the same benefits and experiences.


The Baja Rainforest Mushroom Blend is
used as an entheogen (substances that produce an alternate state of consciousness)  producing mild-potent effects through Serotonin receptors. Within about 30 to 90 minutes, you will start to feel the effects settle in. Some people report a dream-like state in which they remain conscious, but their mind wanders a bit more freely. Others claim of a relaxing out-of-body experience where their mind wanders and generates thought-provoking, often existential conversations with themselves.


SATISFACTION or your money back

Your Mushroom experience depends on your dose and comfort level. Each gummy contains our Baja Rainforest Mushroom blend with fruit flavors that taste great. We're so confident in the product we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Get yours while you can and get the rest you deserve.

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