Can CBD help with athletic performance?

Every athlete is looking for an edge over the competition, with the overwhelming census that CBD is great for overall health and wellness it could lead one to believe that it might be able to give the top athletes in the world an advantage in sports.

After taking CBD for years with the intention of solving some personal anxiety issues I have noticed some huge benefits when it comes to my athletic performance in the gym.


I want this article to be personal and give you some of my real life examples of what I’ve personally noticed throughout my CBD journey and why I am such a big advocate for it.

can cbd help athletic performance


  • Improved Sleep
  • Faster Muscle Recovery
  • Less Muscle Pain

Alright let’s start off with the most obvious, improved sleep. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the calming effect that comes with CBD. For me personally I notice improved anxiety with about 50 MG dosage of CBD. As I am winding down my night the overall effect of less anxiety helps me properly prepare for a good nights rest. I typically take CBD with Melatonin about 15 mis before I am about to head to bed. This gives my mind a rest and helps knock me out with about 5 MG of Melatonin per gummy.

This has increased my recovery time in the gym and for athletic purposes. Have you ever tried to go work the next day with little to no sleep? It feels like a mix of death metal and coming home from to your house being broken into, pure carnage and terror. Since taking CBD for sleep I find it extremely easy to get a good nights rest and typically get about 8 hours each night with ease.

Now let me tell you I suffered from Insomnia for years, all the way up until I was about 18 and discovered THC. Fast forward a few years and I found myself not wanting the psychoactive effects of THC anymore so the isolated cannabidol was a much welcomed friend and produced better results overall while not leaving my groggy in the morning.

can cbd help athletic performance

Faster Muscle Recovery. Increasing your recovery time is essential when you are an athlete, the way that I look at it, its all about who puts in the most work in a particular amount of time in an efficient manor. Now this can be derailed if you aren’t able to recover fast enough for your next workout.


I am a big advocate of muscle recovery, I mean who wants to go to the gym the next day when you are sore? Not me! Not to be redundant but I feel the main reason for the increased muscle recovery is the fact that I get more sleep. Most people don’t realize this but your body repairs itself when you are sleeping. I wake up refreshed and able to push my limits in the gym consistently.

Less Muscle Pain. When dealing with muscle pain I typically use a topical CBD to target what part of my body I want to alleviate pain from. This is possible because of a receptor called your TPRV1 Receptor also known as the Vanilload Receptor which is known for being responsible for pain perception, inflammation and body temperature which is why CBD is also known for its pain relief benefits.

can cbd help athletic performance


CBD definitely gives you an athletic advantage over your competition, show me one athlete who rants and raves about getting 2 hours of sleep per night and performing better the next day, I’ll wait.

Whether its targeting your pain receptors, improving sleep or allowing your body to recover faster CBD will give you an athletic advantage over your competition.

Personally I haven’t stopped taking CBD for the last few years and don’t plan on it. Just make sure you get your cbd from a reputable seller who can provide COA’s to make sure you’re getting the good stuff!

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