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Article: How to workout with bad knees

How to workout with bad knees

How to workout with bad knees

As we get older having aches and pain in our knees becomes more prevalent and can be a huge detriment to our personal well being and physical fitness. In this article I’m going to go through some techniques to alleviate joint issues and how to prevent future joint issues.


Tip #1 Don’t run on pavement

If you take a look around every now and then you’ll see people running down the street on hard pavement. This is done with the best intentions but unfortunately this can cause a lot of joint issues in the future due to the impact from the hard surface, try using a treadmill instead or running on paths that have a bit more cushion than pavement.

Tip #2 Use knee wraps when squatting

This is a tip I’ve learned from all of my old school bodybuilding friends and practice every week while doing squats. Squats are the perfect exercise when trying to build leg muscle, but the unnecessary pressure on your knees can cause infiltration and bad knees. Go pick up some knee wraps or knee sleeves to avoid running into this issue.

Tip #3 Use Anti Inflammation CBD Products

If you want to step it up a bit more in preventing injuries I suggest using a CBD ROLL ON to help fight inflammation in your knees. Finding a product that contains CBD and CBG is ideal while the product also including menthol.

Tip #4 Lessen up the weight

If you re looking to build muscle but don’t want future joint problems, focusing on squeezing the muscle and fully contracting the muscle can be extremely beneficial. When you use low rep ranges on exercises like squats or clean and jerks this puts extra tension on your joints because the weight is typically heavier. Using rep ranges from 10-12 and focusing on squeezing your muscle at the top of the motion can help avoid injuries long term.

Tip #4 Stretching

We are all taught the importance of stretching from a young age for a reason and that’s because it works. Learning specific stretches and working on flexibility will help you avoid injuries in the future and keep your body young and fresh.

Tip #5 Seek out a massage therapist

As you get more serious you’ll want to reach out and find a sports massage therapist. For years I was having leg problems and I finally came across a good sports massage therapist who goes by the name of Kevin who completely fixed my range of motion and flexibility. I went from squatting 405 to 600 lbs because I found myself a good massage therapist. They should charge close to 100 dollars per hour. I recommend getting this done about 2-4x a month depending on how serious you are training.


Well there you have it some easy and effective practices to keep your joints young and your progress moving forward. Make sure to put a few of these to practice if not all of them and you won’t regret it!

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